My journey with essential oils started a few months ago. I was doing research for my own health and kept running across people who were effectively using essential oils as a treatment option, and supporting optimal health at the same time.

Me. The Enneagram 5. The skeptic. The researcher. The “I don’t want to just be like all the other millennials with their copious amounts of oils and coffee and beanies and typewriters and whatnot.” (let’s face it. I am 1000% a millennial)
I waited months before diving in, and that is my only regret.

Essential oils have changed my life. I feel so incredibly cliché saying that, but its true! Before I started using oils in my daily life, I had:
- irritated skin
- imbalanced hormones
- a house that I continuously “cleaned” only to feel like it was still dirty and germy
- chronic insomnia
- mood swings
- constant acne problems
Not to mention I couldn’t even do things like burn a candle, because my MIL is allergic to artificial fragrances (and we live with my in-laws)

And this is just the short list.

I’m still learning, I’m still replacing toxic products in my home with better ones, and I’m still amazed every day that I get to use and share such an amazing product with people like you!

If you want more info on how oils can change your life, or if you are just plain curious, follow the links below!