Fixer Upper - Our Bedroom Refresh


Oh boy. This was a project that needed to happen for a LONG time. I didn’t realize until I finished this room that having our own space as a couple that is calm and peaceful and kid-free (and laundry free!) was such an important thing for us.

We did this entire room makeover for under $350, and it was easy. I did the whole thing while Trev and Daniel were gone one weekend at a friend’s wedding. Everett doesn’t do well on road trips, so it was the perfect excuse to stay home and work on this surprise.


Here’s what we bought:

Behr Marquee Eggshell in Evening White - $60ish for 1 can, and then wound up having to get another can later.
Not nearly enough painters tape
Latex caulk - $4
A few roller brush covers and a 3” brush, when I meant to buy a 2” brush - $9
Two adorable wood-topped accent tables from Hobby Lobby - $23 each
This quilt from Target - $79.99
One random accent pillow, also from target - $13
Two sets of new sheets - $0 because friends giving you free new sheets is amazing
Artwork from Hobby Lobby that I had been looking for FOR 8 MONTHS - $59.99
Blanket basket - $15
A few framed photographs - $10ish (I get my frames from Ikea and my prints from CGPro)
Gently used Ikea chair found on Facebook marketplace- $15

All in all this was a pretty basic room makeover. I moved everything to the center of the room, and then just prepped, painted, and worked my way around in a circle. The only difficulty was I had to do most of the painting while Everett was asleep or napping because of the fumes. Painting in small chunks is not the easiest, especially cutting in. I had to go back and fix mistakes multiple times. I admit, I was not 100% impressed with the “one coat” Behr paint, but I honestly think it was because of our walls. The yellow paint on them was very old, probably from the 70’s, and as I painted it just soaked into the wall and left these blotchy spots that had to be gone over 3 or 4 times. In the end the color was more blue than I had anticipated as well, but it makes the room feel very calm.

For the decorating portion of this project, I really just wanted to keep everything simple. My style is definitely a cross between Scandinavian/Modern/Farmhouse-ishness with a touch of cozy boho. I’m a crazy person when it comes to decor.
I love bold bits of color but really enjoy minimal spaces, but also love unique textures.
I clearly have a hard time making decisions.
Kudos to my friend Jenny who let me spam her with photos of things while walking around Target and Hobby Lobby.
She’s my personal design team.

I knew for sure I wanted to keep the bed in line with that clean, cozy, minimal look. Trev loves quilts so I knew I was looking for a quilt. I took 3 trips to 3 different Target stores to find the PERFECT quilt. One of those trips was accidental, because the Target app said the white version of said quilt was in stock when clearly it was not. One of those trips also resulted in bringing home gluten-free pizza.

There were a few fun pieces I had collected over the last year to incorporate. The sign over the chair is a quote we say to each other all the time, and I ran across it at a specialty shop in Parker. There are plans for some fake plants to hang under that sign at some point.

This metal hexagon shelf was actually used to house a fairy garden for quite some time. It wasn’t till I emptied it of all the dead plants (because #blackthumbproblems) that I discovered it had hooks on the back for wall-hanging. Instant gratification.

And then the artwork above our bed. I had seen this at Hobby Lobby almost a year ago, and then didn’t see it again. Ruth 1:16 was a piece of our wedding vows, and I knew this would be so special to have as a part of our bedroom. I want to pass this legacy along to our children: that marriage is for life, that you go with and stick to your partner, through good and bad. What a better way to remind ourselves of that daily than to incorporate this into our bedroom. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I found it at Hobby Lobby after looking for months.

Our room went from outdated and cluttered to clean and cozy with a little money well spent and just a few days of effort.
We both enjoy this space so much more, and Trev was surprised when he got home!
I think I might have pulled off the best valentines day gift ever.

Before the makeover photos below, because IT LOOKS SO DIFFERENT!