What’s up in the Gaines House - Summer 2018

Hey friends!  

This post is our quarterly family update, full of lots of photos and fun for those who follow our family personally, and just want to know what’s up with us.  

This summer has been a BLAST! 

We started off with a bang by welcoming Everett Alistair Lee to the family at the end of May, right before Daniel turned two. Everett took his time arriving, he was 2 weeks late to the day, and then decided to arrive all in the span of 45 minutes. He is a smiley, happy, chubby little fellow and such a joy to us. He completes our family in so many ways. Big brother adores him and tries to “play” with him, which results in either tears or big grins from baby brother. Still working on being extra gentle with babies. 🙈

We welcomed Everett Alistair Lee into the family! He's pretty much stolen our hearts. 

We welcomed Everett Alistair Lee into the family! He's pretty much stolen our hearts. 

This summer has been filled with new experiences for Daniel - trips to the zoo, the park, storytime, watching Daddy and the big “work truck”, music class, and lots of playtime with friends. I've enjoyed getting to watch his friendships blossom, and watching him discover things like birthday parties, water balloons, and roly-poly bugs. 

For myself it’s been a summer of learning to balance life with two small people - creativity and chaos, sleep and insomnia, sickness and healing, gratitude and learning to lean on others. This summer has been riddled with numerous doctors visits, diagnosis’s, late nights, early mornings, and many many cups of coffee for this mama.
About mid-summer I made the decision to transition myself into an anti-inflammatory diet for several reasons: to fight postpartum depression, to help myself feel better and be able to sleep, and to hopefully heal my body from lichen sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease that affects my skin. I’m still learning a lot about LS, but hoping that this lifestyle change will significantly help. So, with going anti-inflammatory I’m starting by cutting sugar out, then eventually gluten, and then possibly all grains. I’m just trying to evaluate my body with each step and still be able to breastfeed Everett, because that is something that is important to me.  Hence I've been sharing a lot of modified versions of our favorite recipes on the blog :D

Evening walks in our neighborhood. 

Evening walks in our neighborhood. 

Trevor has been working hard this summer. He works doing concrete raising and lifting (mudjacking as it is also known) and the 90+ degree weather in July was a killer for sure. Daniel has gotten to visit the construction yard with daddy a few times and we got to see the big mud truck in action which was definitely a highlight of the summer. Daniel has mentioned it at least 10 times since he saw it.  

Trev and I took off (with Everett in tow!) to Glenwood Springs for our 5th anniversary this August and it was just a delightful time of rest. We were both sick with colds (I blame back-to-school season) but we still enjoyed a soak in the hot springs and staying at the charming Rio Grande BNB. Julia, the manager, makes the BEST BREAKFAST EVER. We are huge fans of breakfast. We had originally planned some hiking but because we were under the weather, we just hung out, drank copious amounts of coffee, and read books. It was a nice break from normal life haha. :D 

In spite of getting sick and all the doctors visits, we have had a delightful summer. Trevor enjoyed another season of softball with the local rec league, and volleyball on Sunday afternoons with friends. I’ve enjoyed many late nights snuggling with Everett, and worked my way through too many tv shows (but if you need a recommendation, The Crown on Netflix is amazing.) And Daniel has enjoyed making friends, which at a two year old level is quite hilarious. It usually involves someone getting pushed down, a kiss to make up, and then arguing over a toy the next minute. I love getting to watch him and his little buddies, and I hope they are starting the beginning of lifelong friendships. 

Now I want to know, what happened in your life this summer? What are you grateful for as we head into fall? Tell me! <3 

Happy end-of-summer to you and yours,

xoxo Kendra