Hi friend, I'm Kendra!

I'm a photographer, wife, mama, artist, minimalist-in-progress, lover of coffee + brunch, an expert toddler wrangler, and a 20-something just trying to juggle it all.

By day I pick up messes, take photos, brew another coffee, and do another load of laundry.
By night I edit photos and dream bigger dreams and write about my life here

I've been married to my wonderful husband since 2013 and I've had the privilege and blessing of being a mom since 2016.

Hawaii 2016

Hawaii 2016

Behind The Lens

I am probably best known for my a fresh and creative perspective and my sunny-yet-very-introverted personality. I love serving the world by creating meaningful art, telling people's stories in an authentic way, and spreading joy around!

Most days you can find me at home with coffee and a good book, listening to podcasts while folding laundry, hugging my 4 month old son, or chasing my 2 year old around the house and yard.  

I am passionate about helping women love themselves, inside and out. I enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures, MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers), cooking and enjoying good food, all things Joanna Gaines, shopping in Target alone, and encouraging myself and others to keep pursuing their biggest dreams. 

My Style + Vision

I serve people who are looking for personal, lifestyle portraits that are as unique and precious as they are. I am lucky to remind them how valuable and loved they are as individuals. 

My photographic style is often described as emotional, authentic, detailed, and oh-so-real. I dig candid moments: kids jumping on the couch, super-sloppy dog kisses, tears of joy on wedding days, and spontaneous tickle-fests. I love to create heart-warming imagery that people truly treasure because it speaks to who they are. 

My editing style is deep, warm, and film-inspired. I also love dramatic black and white images. Sometimes I will break out a film camera if the moment calls for it. I’m in the process of creating lightroom presets for easy editing, and they’ll be in my shop coming November 2018!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016


A few things I love

If you're dying to get to know me more, here's 5 things you may not know about me:

My husband and I met on Facebook, and we have a super crazy engagement story. Please ask for details, it’s a good one!

I love all things Joanna Gaines. She's one of my favorite #girlbosses and I love seeing how she has balanced her multiple businesses with being a wonderful mom and wife. Watching Fixer Upper is definitely one of my "soul-food" items and fuels my creativity. 

I binge listen to podcasts all the time, and should probably write a blog post with my favorites soon. 

Coffee, mmm… yes. I take my coffee in the form of a good latte. I do like some flavor, but not all the sweetness! Brown-sugar clove lattes are my current favorite. 

Breakfast + brunch are my absolute favorite meals. When we go out for dinner, if there is breakfast on the menu, odds are I will be ordering it. 


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